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WHAT IS OUR OBJECTIVE? To support you in each stage of your growth and to grow with you !
HOW DO WE ACHIEVE IT? By using all our skills:

  • Analysis of the feasibility and study of the production process;
  • Dispatch of all possible facilitation papers according to regional, national and community laws when the creation of a new company or the enlargement of an existing one is being planned;
  • Analysis of financial requirements relating to the management of the investments; finding substitute instruments for financial support when necessary;
  • Planning of building works and production system in their executive, architectural and structural features;
  • Planning and adjustment of wine-pressing, wine-making, packing and refrigeration lines;
  • Supply of machines, fittings and equipment provided with qualified assistance, running and start-up;
  • Support in finding and acquisition of second-hand machines and equipments;
  • Development of Hardware and Software in order to control the production process.

The extreme care and promptness in logistic service represents a further and significant piece which ENO PRO® places in the mosaic of its entrepreneurial success.